Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thursday Takeover with Cynthia Toney (and a GIVEAWAY!)

I want to extend a warm welcome to Cynthia Toney. She's giving away an electronic copy of her book The Other Side of Freedom. You can enter by using the Rafflecopter link at the end of the post. (Giveaway ends October 12, 2017. If you are the randomly chosen winner, I'll contact you and pass on your information.) Now, here's Cynthia...

Back cover blurb...

In a U.S. southern farming community in 1925, thirteen-year-old Salvatore and his Italian immigrant father become involved against their will in a crime that results in the murder of an innocent man and family friend. Will Sal keep the secrets about that night as his father asks, or risk everything he and his family cherish in their new homeland, including their lives? 

Amidst bigotry, bootlegging, police corruption, and gangland threats, Sal must discover whom he can trust in order to protect himself and his family and win back his father’s freedom. Sal’s family, their African-American farmhand, and the girl who is Sal’s best friend find their lives forever changed as dreams are shattered and attitudes challenged in a small community called Freedom.

Inspiration for the story...

“Possibly orphaned but definitely impoverished, one of my great-grandfathers journeyed from Sicily to America as a young boy with a family not his own, and he grew up with their children. He established the strawberry farm that inspired the setting for this novel.”
Written for ages 10 to 17, but with appeal for adult readers, The Other Side of Freedom lends itself to discussions on immigration, segregation, Prohibition, and numerous other topics. The book includes thought-provoking questions for classrooms and book clubs.
The Other Side of Freedom releases October 9, 2017 in both paperback and e-book versions through major online book retailers.

*Thank you, Leslie. I enjoyed my visit with you and look forward to sharing my new book with the winner!*

Endorsement for the story...

A wonderful coming of age story of learning hard lessons of right and wrong, as well as love and loyalty as Sal Scaviano and his family struggle to work their farm in Prohibition Louisiana. Join Sal as his world is thrown off its axis. Will he ever be able to right it? As I read, I found myself asking, what’s he going to do? I couldn’t wait to find out!

Cynthia Toney writes for young adult, but this is a must read for all, young or not-so-young. This book belongs on your bookshelf.

               Angela Moody, author of YA Civil War historical novel No Safe Haven

About Cynthia...

Cynthia writes for preteens and teens because she wants them to know how wonderful, powerful, and valuable they are. The Other Side of Freedom is her first historical novel. She is also the author of the Bird Face series, a contemporary series for girls.

In her spare time, Cynthia grows herbs and helps rescue dogs from animal shelters. She enjoys studying the complex history of the friendly southern U.S. from Georgia to Texas, where she resides with her husband and several canines.

Cynthia loves hearing from readers, who can contact her through her website

Where you can find Cynthia online...


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  1. I love reading historical novels and thinking about my family that lived during that time. My family was Irish so would have experience prejudice when they came to this country. This book sounds really good.

    1. Sue,

      I agree that it's interesting to think about things like that. Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!


  2. For me I enjoy reading them because a good author makes that time period come alive for you. It’s like your experiencing it along other the characters. I find that fascinating!

    Btw the link to Goodreads did not work for me. It kept taking me to a page about starting my own giveaway­čśĆ

    1. Shamekka,

      Yes! I enjoy that as well. I only started reading historicals a few years ago, but I'm so glad it did.

      Thanks for the heads up on the Goodreads link. It works for me, so I'm not sure what's up with it. I'll try checking it out.

      Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!