Sunday, October 29, 2017

"Live the Let-Go Life: Breaking Free from Stress, Worry, and Anxiety" by Joseph Prince

My review...

I’ve listened to Pastor Prince a few times on television, but I’ve never read any of his books. When I saw this one, I knew it was one I needed to check out, as the topic looked like one I’d be able to identify with on many levels … and I was correct.

The author grabs the reader’s attention with the first paragraph. Prince includes numerous personal stories, as well as testimonies others have shared with him. He uses these to illustrate the various points. Biblical truths are infused throughout the book.

In today’s society, it’s hard to not feel anxious at times.  In this book, Prince tries to show the reader that it is possible to release those problems to God and live the “let-go life” God wants us to have. He points out the destructive power of stress, often called a “silent killer.” There were so many things in this book that jumped out at me, and I highlighted many passages that I will go back to when I need to be reminded to just “let go” of my worries.

A salvation prayer, along with other resources (such as a sign-up for free email devotionals), is included at the end. Prince also gives contact info and encourages the reader to share their testimony with him.

Some of my favorite quotes:

·       “Living the let-go life is a daily journey of faith. Every day, there is a battle for our minds.”
·       “We live the let-go life by letting go of our worries and replacing them with God’s Word.”
·       “When you are being attacked by worrisome thoughts, meditating on His Word is the best remedy.”
·       “If something does not work out, believe that the Lord is setting you up for something greater.”
·       “Don’t let your past cripple you from stepping into His promises for today.”

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy as part of the FirstWords blogger program, but I wasn’t required to leave a positive review.

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