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"The Words between Us" by Erin Bartels ... and a GIVEAWAY!

The publisher has agreed to give away two print copies of this book (US ONLY). You can enter by using the Rafflecopter link at the end of the post. (Giveaway ends October 4, 2019. If you are the randomly chosen winner, I'll contact you.) 

Q&A with Erin...

Q:  The Words between Us is a celebration of the written word. You have stated that books help us to form our own identity. Can you please expound upon this statement?
A:  I think this is true on two levels — individually and as a culture. The books we read as individuals affect our views on history, ethics, bravery, love, family, friendship, war, sacrifice, and so much more. Every story I read is another layer of sediment laid down inside my psyche, building of the edifice that is me.

And this happens on the level of culture. Our cultural identity is tied up in the works of art and entertainment we produce and consume — we write to convey some truth, and we believe that truth because of things we have already read, which someone else wrote for us. It's a fascinating cycle, rolling slowly on into the future. Along the way, we discard what we no longer value and pick up the new words that speak to us.

Q:  What was the inspiration behind this book?
A:  I think it was a combination of things that were separated by many years. One: this little corner storefront in downtown Lansing where I live had been a bookstore that closed not long before we moved here. It was so cute, and I was so disappointed to have missed it. Two: when I was a teenager I had a very close friendship with an older guy in my school that ended because of something petty. I took everything he had ever given me and left it on box at his doorstep (like I said, very petty). Three: I had a sudden thought one day of someone receiving a book, a token of a past they thought they buried. Four: I read a fascinating biography of Emily Dickinson called My Wars Are Laid Away in Books that just entranced me. Those four things coalesced into the starting point for the The Words between Us.

Q:  This book explores all aspects of life, including family, loss, love, coming-of-age, betrayal, regret, and forgiveness. Is there one particular theme that you really focus on?
A:  To me, this story is about friendship and coming-of-age — of maturing to the point that we stop looking for excuses and start taking responsibility for the things we've done that have hurt others. I think that's a fundamental difference between an adult who behaves like an adult and one who behaves like an adolescent — a willingness to accept blame as readily as we accept praise. And then to move on from there with a humble and generous spirit.

Q:  Your book explores some of the classics. How did you develop your love for classics?
A:   I'm sure every writer claims to be a big reader. That's nothing new. But when I was in school, I was truly insatiable. I skipped eighth grade English just by asking the school counselor if I could, because I'd been bored in seventh grade English. I took every English class available in my school, including honors classics and AP English. I majored in English language and literature in college. So, as you can imagine, I read a lot of the classics. Even those I didn't read as an assignment I have collected along the way and read. Though, to my chagrin, I've never read Dickens. (Truthfully, I've always been more attracted to the American literary tradition than the British.)

Q:  You emphasize the importance of trusting the words and lessons found in the pages of the classics. How in the classics impacted your own life, and what role do they play in The Words between Us?
A:  I'm not sure I'd say people should model their lives or behaviors on their reading of the classics. I think you'll find far more unlikable, frustrating, selfish, and even despicable main characters in the classics then you'll find modern commercial fiction since there is so much pressure on others to make the characters likable, or at least relatable. I'm not even sure the reading that reading the classics increases empathy like reading modern fiction does.

In my own life, the classics made me fall in love with the written word and understand its power to elicit emotions in the reader, even if those emotions aren't always positive. In The Words between Us the classics act as a bridge between two people, one of whom is open and honest while the other is lying about who she is and where she came from. But she can be honest when she's talking about these books. And through the exchange of classic novels, these two young people are able to form a real friendship.

Q:  What type of research is required for this book?
A:  Not nearly as much research is required for this book is for my debut novel, though I did reread a number of classics, which was certainly no burden.

Q:  What do you hope readers will gain from reading your book?
A:  I really hope that some parent will finish the book and feel compelled to call someone — a friend, an ex, a parent, a child — to apologize for something that drove a wedge between them. And I hope that some of them will pick up a book they were supposed to read in high school that they CliffsNoted their way through and finally read it for real!

Q:  What are you working on next?
A:  I have two things currently in the works. The first is set in a private lake community in northern Michigan until the story of a novelist dealing with the fallout from her first book, which was based on real people in her life and was not flattering. The second is the story of two sisters who couldn't be more different who are on a hiking trip gone wrong in the wilds of the Porcupine Mountains in the western Upper Peninsula.

Q:  Ooh, those sound interesting! How can readers connect with you?
A:  I'm everywhere. I blog at My podcast, Your Face is Crooked, can be found at (and on iTunes). And of course I'm all over social media: Facebook (@erinbartelsauthor), Twitter (@ErinLBartels), and Instagram (@erinbartelswrites).

Thanks for taking the time to be here, Erin. I'm sure my readers will enjoy getting to know more about you and your book.

My review...

Bartels’s story piqued my interest from the first sentence, and it help my attention clear through to the final sentence. The story goes back and forth between now and then, which I really enjoyed. Robin was an easy character to invest in, as is her friendship with Peter. Books and poetry are a large part of the story, and I loved that, since they’re a huge part of my life, as well! Robin’s poems give a look at her character and background. The author weaves together the dual storylines to show how Robin solves the mystery behind why her dad is in prison (and the reader gets to go along on the sleuthing journey, too).

There is so much to love about this novel, and it’d make for interesting discussion at a book group. Characters are genuine and face realistic, and relatable, struggles. The story has a nice blend of mystery and a coming-of-age feel that will likely resonate with many readers. The Words between Us truly demonstrates how powerful our words can be to others.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, but I wasn’t required to leave a positive review.

About the author...

Erin Bartels has been a publishing professional for more than fifteen years. Her short "This Elegant Ruin" was a finalist in the Saturday Evening Post 2014 Great American Fiction Contest. A freelance writer and editor, she is a member of Capital City Writers and the Women's Fiction Writers Association and is a former features editor of WFWA's Write On! magazine. She lives in Lansing, Michigan, with her husband, Zachary, and their son, Calvin, and can be found online at www.erinbartels.comWe Hope for Better Things is her first novel.

Where you can find Erin online...

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Writing Prompt Wednesday

If you're feeling stuck in your WIP (work in progress) or just want to shake things up a bit, here's something different to try today:

I have only met one person I'd call truly funny, and that's because...

Happy writing!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My Fall 2019 TBR List

Happy Tuesday! Today's Top Ten Tuesday link-up theme is Books on My Fall 2019 TBR List. Technically, I've already read some of the books on this list, but they're upcoming releases, so I'm still listing them 😊 For those books, I'll include a link to my review on Goodreads. And, I'm listing my top thirteen instead of just ten, as there are so many great books coming out this fall! 
So, here we go, in no particular order...

I'll be featuring this on my blog on October 22, 2019, so stop back to read my review.

So, what books are you looking forward to reading this fall? 

"The Witness Tree" by Denise Weimer ... and a GIVEAWAY! (SLB Tours)

Fall Flip & Witness Tree Double Tour

About the Book

The Witness Tree
Genre: Historical, Romance
Publisher: Smitten an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
Publication date: September 16, 2019

  To gain his wife, he must break her heart. 

 Past betrayal has turned John Kliest’s passion to his work as a builder and surveyor in the Moravian town of Salem, North Carolina. Now, to satisfy the elders’ edict and fulfill his mission in Cherokee Territory, he needs a bride. But the one woman qualified to record the Cherokee language longs for a future with his younger brother. Clarissa Vogler’s dream of a life with Daniel Kliest is shattered when she is chosen by lot to marry his older brother and venture into the uncharted frontier. Can she learn to love this stoic man who is now her husband? Her survival hinges on being able to trust him—but they both harbor secrets.

About the Author

Denise Weimer
Denise Weimer holds a journalism degree with a minor in history from Asbury University. She's an editor for the historical imprints of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas as well as the author of The Georgia Gold Series, The Restoration Trilogy, and a number of romantic novellas, including Across Three Autumns of Barbour's Backcountry Brides Collection. Represented by Hartline Literary Agency, Denise is a wife and mom of two daughters who always pauses for old houses, coffee, and chocolate!


Bundle Giveaway
Enter the giveaway HERE.
Giveaway ends September 30 at 11:59pm MT. Giveaway is subject to policies HERE.

Tour Schedule

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Monday Motivation

"If you wait for inspiration to write you're not a writer, you're a waiter."
— Dan Poynter

Have a wonderful week!

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First Line Friday

Happy Friday! It's time for First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books.

It's time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. Today on First Line Friday, I'm featuring Where the Fire Falls by Karen Barnett, the second book in her Vintage National Park series.

And the first line is ...

Olivia Rutherford applied lip rouge the same way she painted--with bold, broad strokes.

About the book...

Watercolorist Olivia Rutherford has shed her humble beginnings to fashion her image as an avant-garde artist to appeal to the region's wealthy art collectors. When she lands a lucrative contract painting illustrations of Yosemite National Park for a travel magazine, including its nightly one-of-a-kind Firefall event, she hopes the money will lift Olivia and her sisters out of poverty.

After false accusations cost him everything, former minister Clark Johnson has found purpose as a backcountry guide in this natural cathedral of granite and trees. Now he's faced with the opportunity to become a National Parks Ranger, but is it his true calling?

As Clark opens Olivia's eyes to the wonders of Yosemite, she discovers the people are as vital to the park's story as its vistas--a revelation that may bring her charade to an end.

Let me know the first line of the book closest to you and then head over to Hoarding Books to see who else is participating.

If you're a blogger or just a social media-er, we'd love for you to join us, too!

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Takeover Thursday with Tanya Eavenson ... and a GIVEAWAY

Tanya has agreed to giveaway one electronic copy of  this book to one lucky blog reader. You can enter by using the Rafflecopter link at the end of the post. (Giveaway ends September 26, 2019. If you are the randomly chosen winner, I'll contact you.) 

Sometimes the path to freedom is found in an unexpected future.
Upon the death of her mother, Rosalind Standford’s life shatters, the pieces scattering to the wind when she is forced into a betrothal to a cunning banker. But when a telegram arrives announcing the man who captured her heart is on a train to Boston, Rosalind must hide her true feelings before the thin cord of her existence unravels the deadly secrets she keeps.
Cowboy Trent Easton returns to his roots in Boston society to find his childhood friend, the love of his heart. Instead he finds a broken woman engaged to a man close to her father’s age. Though she once rejected him, when Trent learns she’s in danger, he determines to do whatever it takes to keep her safe—even taking her to the altar in the black of night. But will his name and the remote wilds of his Texas ranch be enough to protect her? Or will freedom cost them their lives?


“Father, can we do nothing?” Rosalind asked. “Mother?” She looked from one to the other, but they both looked afraid and lost, an expression she’d never before seen on either of their faces.

When they arrived at the house, Father instructed Mr. Richards to find the doctor, and only after several stumbles did they manage to get Mother inside. Mother’s strength had simply vanished, leaving her pale and aged, too weak to even keep her eyes open as they helped her to bed.

It seemed a lifetime passed before the doctor arrived. During the examination, Mother lay still. Too still. Fear surged to Rosalind’s core at Mother’s motionless state. Then another cough raked through Mother’s body, blood dripped from her nose, and Rosalind didn’t know which was worse—watching Mother lie still as death or seeing the spasms and hearing the awful retching. Tears filled Rosalind’s eyes as she stroked strands of soft brown hair from her mother’s face and tucked them behind her ear.

“Do you know what’s wrong with her, Doctor? Is it consumption?” her father asked.

Kneeling next to the bed, the physician wiped her mother’s nose and folded the cloth. “Her coughing is worse. I’m afraid you are correct. She has tuberculosis.”

Rosalind shook her head and ran from the room. She flew down the stairs, faltered into the stagnant night air, and stopped on the porch as reality weighed heavily on her shoulders. She swallowed down her screams. “God, are You listening? Don’t You see? You must help my mother. Please don’t take her. Don’t …” She fell to her knees, sobbing into her palms.

Arms came around her shoulders, and she jerked back, biting back her tears. “Mr. Richards.” She moved from him and stumbled on the hem of her gown but caught her balance.

“It’s all right.” He followed her. “I have your father’s permission.”

She wiped her cheek with the back of her hand. “What do you mean you have his permission?”

“We will be married.”

Rosalind fought to understand what Mr. Richards was saying, but the words seemed scrambled, incomprehensible. Her mind a fog. “What do you mean, married?”

“Earlier tonight I asked permission to court you, but moments ago, he gave me his full blessing.”

Surely she’d misheard him. “You asked for my hand in marriage now, while we’re learning my mother is dying? My father is as distraught as I am.”

“Perhaps the doctor’s wrong,” Mr. Richards whispered against her ear. “Perhaps she will recover. Nevertheless …”

“We shouldn’t be … you shouldn’t be alone with me here like this. Propriety …”

He dragged a fingertip along her jaw, then down her bare arm, his expression declaring ownership even as it dared her to argue.

Though her heart galloped, she fought her instincts to flinch. Glover Richards was a very powerful man, she’d overheard her father saying once, powerful enough to harm his enemies. Father must need the man’s friendship, otherwise he would never have agreed. “Why? Why me?”

“I will court you as your father wishes.” A slow smile slid up one side of his face. “And at nineteen you will be my bride.”

Rosalind’s pulse pounded in her ears. None of this made sense. If only Mother were well. She’d never let Father agree to this marriage, and he would listen to her.

She balled her hands into fists at her waist, squeezing the satin lace crisscrossing there—satin meant to draw Trenton’s eye. Yet Trenton was packing his trunk for Texas, even as Mr. Richards’s gaze roamed her hair, her face and throat, and her bodice and cinched gown.

“We don’t have to announce our betrothal … yet,” he said as if the deed was done.

She swallowed, meeting Mr. Richards’s stare.

He took her hand and slid it through the crook of his arm. “Let’s get you back inside, shall we?”

She let him lead her, but her heart recoiled, and she threw a desperate prayer toward heaven. Lord, You must heal my mother and rescue me. Save us.

What I'm working on next...

Besides writing historical romance, I also write contemporary romance. I just received my next cover for a story entitled To Gain Forever that's set to release this spring before Mother's Day. Early summer, you can expect to see the second historical romance book from the All Roads Lead to Texas series, entitled The Proposal. And in late fall, I plan to release another story entitled Love on a Dime. It's a contemporary story, but it will tie into The Rescue and  The Proposal. To say next year will be a busy time is an understatement, but what a year it will be!

About Tanya...

Tanya Eavenson is an international bestselling and award-winning inspirational romance author. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their three children. Her favorite pastime is grabbing a cup of coffee, eating chocolate, and reading a good book. 

Where you can find Tanya online...

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Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading

Happy Tuesday! Today's Top Ten Tuesday link-up theme is  Favorite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading.

So, here we go, in no particular order...

I enjoy a variety of protein bars and granola bars. They're easy to munch on while reading. 

You really can't go wrong with popcorn. I enjoy the 100-calorie packs, as they're just the right size for one person to munch on while reading.

My favorite licorice is strawberry Twizzlers. On occasion, I can find the chocolate licorice, and I like that, as well.

I enjoy trail mix, and I'm not too particular on the flavor. I love cashews and almonds, and they're even better with a bit of chocolate thrown in.

I like herbal teas. I found a lemon one a couple years ago that tastes like lemon pound cake. Yum! I also really enjoy chai tea and cinnamon hibiscus.

I like the 100-calorie packs of pretzels. On occasion, I pick up the butter braid variety.

Chocolate! My favorites are dark chocolate, peppermint patties, and peanut butter cups. But, in a pinch, just about any chocolate will do. I don't really care for white chocolate, unless it's the white chocolate peanut butter cups (as they primarily taste like peanut butter). 

I mainly drink water. Hint is my favorite, but I also do a lot of fruit-infused water, as well.

If I'm wanting something crunchy, chips are probably my favorite. I enjoy a lot of flavors. I tend to stick with one flavor/brand for a few months before tiring of it and moving on to another kind. I enjoy the individual packs of chips, as well.

Once winter arrives, it's hot chocolate time! I like the dark chocolate variety, and, of course, I throw in some marshmallows. (Though it's not quite as festive as this photo.) Sometimes I'll add a small candy cane, as well.

So, what do you like to eat/drink while reading?

Tuesday Tip: Three websites to help spark your creativity (part 2)

Are you feeling stuck in your writing? Do you just want a change of direction? If so, here are a few websites that may help spark your creativity.

1.  Six-Word Memoirs: This site will help you create concise tales and join the ranks of more than one million other contributors.

2.  Storybird: This is a unique site that will help you visualize stories of all kinds. You can participate in challenge prompts, as well.

3.  Reddit's/R/WritingPrompts: A great place to have your work seen and receive feedback.

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"Fall Flip" by Denise Weimer ... and a GIVEAWAY! (SLB Tours)

Fall Flip & Witness Tree Double Tour

About the Book

Fall Flip
Genre: Christian, Contemporary
Publisher: Candlelight Romance an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
Publication date: August 30, 2019

  She knows how to flip a home. What happens when he flips her heart? 

 The tragic death of Shelby Dodson’s husband—her partner in a successful Home Network house flipping business—stole love, status, and career. Now a bungalow redesign thrusts Shelby into the company of a new contractor. Scott Matthews remembers high-and-mighty Shelby from high school, and her prissy, contemporary style goes against his down-to-earth grain. When the house reveals a mystery, will its dark secrets—and their own mistakes—cost them a second chance at love?

About the Author

Denise Weimer
Denise Weimer holds a journalism degree with a minor in history from Asbury University. She's an editor for the historical imprints of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas as well as the author of The Georgia Gold Series, The Restoration Trilogy, and a number of romantic novellas, including Across Three Autumns of Barbour's Backcountry Brides Collection. Represented by Hartline Literary Agency, Denise is a wife and mom of two daughters who always pauses for old houses, coffee, and chocolate!


Bundle Giveaway
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Giveaway ends September 30 at 11:59pm MT. Giveaway is subject to policies HERE.

Tour Schedule

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"An Amish Christmas Bakery" by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Irvin

This charming novella collection is just in time for the upcoming holiday season. It releases on October 1, 2019. You can get your copy here.

Q & A with Amy Clipston...

Q:  Congrats on the new novella collection. I've read it and really enjoyed it. Since this novella is one in which Alyssa works in a bakery, what's a baked good that just has to be in your house at Christmas?
A:  My mom and I like to make cookies and cheesecake. I also love her lemon pound cake. Yum!

Q:  All of those sound really yummy! In your story, "Cookies and Cheer," Alyssa came up with an incredible idea for a display. Have you ever seen a display like hers?
A:  My mom and I brainstormed Christmas story ideas, and together we came up with the bakery display. I hope readers enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed writing about it.

Q:  Did any of your own Christmas traditions get written into this novella?
A:  The only tradition I included was writing Christmas cards, which the Amish do. I love to send out Christmas cards every year. Lately, I have ordered cards with cats on them. What a surprise, right? I send them out to friends and family members, and I always include a family photo that we had taken that year, along with the boys' school photos. I already have decided what photo to include in this year's card.

Q:  We send out cards. It's fun to receive them. One final question. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie that you make sure to watch every year?
A:  Yes! We always watch "Die Hard" (the first one, of course). It's been a tradition for many years. It was one of my father's favorite movies, and it always brings back happy memories. In fact, my son Matt and I pretty much know the lines by heart, and we like to quote them during the movie. (I'm sure that's annoying to the other watchers!)

Thanks so much for stopping by, Amy. I'm sure my readers will enjoy learning a bit more about your and the novella.

My review...

This is a charming novella collection, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. (I read this in the middle of summer, and it was a welcome, though brief, reprieve from the summer heat and humidity.) All four authors are well-known in Christian fiction for creating strong characters, charming settings, and heartwarming scenes, and this collection is no exception. All of the stories are wonderfully detailed, and the authors do a great job of making the reader feel a part of the story. The stories help the reader remember the true reason for the season. I enjoyed the discussion questions, as well, which would make this a nice book to use for a book club. If you're looking for a book that's a sweet, quick read and easy to fit into a busy schedule, this is one to check out.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy, but I wasn't required to leave a positive review.

Be sure to check out the Facebook party!

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"As the Light Fades" by Catherine West ... and a GIVEAWAY! (JustRead Tours)

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for As the Light Fades by Catherine West, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


High Res-As the Light Fades 
Title: As the Light Fades 
Author: Catherine West  
Release Date: September 10, 2019  
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Sometimes we’re placed in the strangest of circumstances for the most important reasons.

After her carefully constructed life crumbles, Liz Carlisle finds herself back on Nantucket, picking up the pieces. With the family estate under renovations, the solitude she craves seems out of reach.

Matthew Stone intends to steer clear of his new tenant. She’s carrying a load of baggage, but as long as she pays the rent, he’ll let her be. He’s got enough to deal with caring for his wayward niece, Mia.

Liz doesn’t have time for teenagers and her track record with men is abysmal, but an unlikely friendship forms between the three.

When her former boyfriend is charged with assault, Liz is called to testify against him. But he knows the darkest secrets of her life—secrets she’d hoped to keep buried forever, and he’s ready to reveal them. Telling the truth is the right thing to do, but it may cost her everything she’s worked so hard for, and all she’s come to love.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon


“I’ll need to give it some thought. May I call you in a couple of days?”
“Sure.” Matt walked her out and led her around the main house to where she’d parked the car. “Wow. I didn’t think these old things still ran.” The beige and faux-wood paneled Ford station wagon had certainly seen better days, but it wasn’t unusual to see old cars here on the island.
“Runs better than you’d expect.” She had her sunglasses back on and stuck out a slender hand. “Well, thank you. Goodbye, Mr. Stone.”
The moment Matt clasped his hand around hers, a definite sizzle of attraction shook him to his senses.
Letting a woman like Elizabeth Carlisle live on his property was possibly the worst idea ever. Maybe she’d say she wasn’t interested anyway. But he needed the money. “Thanks for coming, Miss Carlisle. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.” Matt stepped back and watched her drive off. Half of him hoped he’d see her again. The other half, the more sensible, cautious side, said it’d probably be a darn good thing if he didn’t.

Excerpt From: Catherine West. “As the Light Fades.” iBooks.


The story is told via three POVs: Elizabeth Carlisle, who's moved back to the island after leaving her abusive ex. Her father is battling Alzheimer's. Matt Stone, who's recently arrived in town and is caring for his niece. Mia Stone, who's a troubled fifteen-year-old, forced to deal with things no one her age should have to handle. The three lives intersect when Elizabeth becomes the new tenant at Matt's guest house.

I'm not a huge fan of romances, and this does have a romance angle to it. It wasn't overwhelming, but it did make some parts a bit predictable. Also, a few parts felt a bit rushed. This is the second book in the series, but it could easily be read and enjoyed as a standalone. However, reading them in order would help the reader feel more of a connection to the characters. Family dynamics are strong, as are themes of forgiveness and second chances. The author tackles some difficult topics (domestic abuse and cutting) in a sensitive manner.

Possible trigger warnings: domestic abuse, cutting/self-harm

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy, but I wasn't required to leave a positive review.



Catherine West is an award-winning author of contemporary women’s fiction. When she’s not at the computer working on her next story, you can find her taking her Border Collie for long walks or reading books by her favorite authors. She and her husband reside in Bermuda, and have two adult children and two beautiful granddaughters. Catherine is the winner of the 2015 Grace Award (Bridge of Faith) and a two-time winner of Romance Writers of America’s Faith, Hope & Love Reader’s Choice Award (The Things We Knew, 2017 and Where Hope Begins, 2019, and a Carol Award Finalist for Where Hope Begins. Her latest novel, As the Light Fades, releases September 2019.

Catherine loves to connect with her readers and can be reached at  

CONNECT WITH CATHERINE: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


(1) winner will receive a $75 Amazon gift card from the author!


Be sure to check out each stop on these tours for more chances to win. Full tour schedule on this tour shown below. Giveaway begins at midnight September 11, 2019 and will last through 11:59 PM EST on September 18, 2019. Winners will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US/CAN only. For our giveaway rules and policy, click HERE.


Follow along at JustRead Tours for a full list of stops!

*NOTE: This post contains affiliate links.