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"The Art of Rivers" by Janet W. Ferguson ... and a GIVEAWAY! (PrismBookGroup)

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The Art of Rivers
(Coastal Hearts #3)
By Janet W. Ferguson
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 299 Pages
June 30th 2019 by Southern Sun Press LLC

​Rivers Sullivan bears both visible and invisible scars—those on her shoulder from a bullet wound and those on her heart from the loss of her fiancĂ© during the same brutal attack. Not even her background as an art therapist can help her regain her faith in humanity. Still, she scrapes together the courage to travel to St. Simons Island to see the beach cottage and art gallery she’s inherited from her fiancĂ©. When she stumbles upon recovering addicts running her gallery, she’s forced to reckon with her own healing.

After the tragic drowning of his cousin, James Cooper Knight spends his days trying to make up for his past mistakes. He not only dedicates his life to addiction counseling, but guilt drives him to the water, searching for others who’ve been caught unaware of the quickly rising tides of St. Simons. When he rescues a peculiar blond woman and her sketch pad from a sandbar, then delivers this same woman to his deceased grandmother’s properties, he knows things are about to get even more complicated.

Tragic circumstances draw Cooper and Rivers closer, but they fight their growing feelings. Though Cooper’s been sober for years, Rivers can’t imagine trusting her heart to someone in recovery, and he knows a relationship with her will only rip his family further apart. Distrust and guilt are only the first roadblocks they must overcome if they take a chance on love.

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     Hand in hand, they walked toward the Mississippi. She'd painted the the river hundreds of times, from hundreds of viewpoints, during hundreds of sunrises and sunsets, but none moved her like the portrait she would present Jordan on their wedding day. She'd drawn him standing there, watching her work in the early morning, golden light frolicking on his coffee-colored curls and glittering in the deep pools and currents of his gaze.
     "Tell me where were going on our honeymoon. Please." Rivers squeezed his hand, made puppy-dog eyes, and batted her lashes. "I don't know what clothes to bring."
     Mischief danced in his gaze. "Just bring yourself. Nothing else required." His voice held a smile.
     Heat seared her cheeks and churned up a laugh. "You. Come here." She stopped, draped an arm around his neck, and planted another kiss on his lips. All her life, she'd prayed and waited for this man. She hung there for a moment, staring. Could she ask the other question again without upsetting the perfect moment? "Did you call Jay?"
     A sigh worked its way through Jordan's lips. "Tonight. I'm calling him tonight. I got his number from my step-uncle."
     "Really? You're asking him to the wedding?"
     His gaze dropped as he shook his head. "I can't do that to Mom and Dad."
     "I would never want to upset your mom and dad. Brooklyn has been so wonderful to help plan the wedding."
     "But you're right. I need to let him know I've forgiven him, leave the past in the past. Start a new kind of relationship with him." His chin rested on her forehead. "You make me a better man."
     His stomach rumbled, and she pulled away.
     "Or a hungry man." She smiled up at him.
     "I worked through lunch again so maybe the office will leave us alone during our honeymoon."
     "They'd better. Vast River Architecture cannot have you that week. You're all mine." They passed under a cluster of trees and shrubs, and movement caught her attention. "Did you see that?"
     "What?" Jordan glanced back and forth.
     A shiver crept across her shoulders. Homeless people and addicts tottered around downtown areas in most cities, and Memphis was no exception. Despite the fact that she been in this spot often, she stopped and scanned the scene again. Something in her spirit warned danger. "There's someone behind those bushes. Maybe in a hoodie…"
     Jordan and craned his neck. "I don't see —"
     An explosion like fireworks popped and rung her ears. Another blast, this with impact, hard and swift as a kick in the chest. A red-hot burning sensation pierced her shoulder and back. Time slowed, and a scream ripped from her throat.
     Jordan dropped to his knees clutching his chest. Red spread around his fingers, contrasting sharply against his pale blue shirt.
     Hot liquid poured all around her, and her vision tunneled white. A fountain of blood. But she had to get to him. "Jordan…" She stumbled forward and fell to her knees beside him, clutched his face. Spots danced in front of her eyes as throbbing in her shoulder pulsed. Then darkness dragged her into its abyss.

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About the Author

Janet W. Ferguson grew up in Mississippi and received a degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Mississippi. She has served as a children’s minister and a church youth volunteer. An avid reader, she worked as a librarian at a large public high school. She writes humorous inspirational fiction for people with real lives and real problems. Janet and her husband have two grown children, one really smart dog, and a cat that allows them to share the space.

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  1. I hope your readers enjoy the novel :)

  2. The premise makes me want to read this book--the hurt this character is feeling, both emotionally and physically, will make this my kind of book to read. Love the faraway look on the cover too.

    1. Thank you! I love how the cover turned out! I hope you enjoy :)

    2. I love the cover, too, Danielle.

      Good luck!

  3. This is a new author for me. The covers are just beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I love having pretty covers, and I have a great cover artist :) I hope you enjoy!

    2. I agree! Good luck, Dianna.