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"Coffee Shop Devotions" by Tessa Emily Hall ... and a GIVEAWAY!

Tessa is here to share a bit about her latest release, Coffee Shop Devos She's offered to give away a hard copy of the book (US ONLY).  You can enter by using the Rafflecopter link at the end of the post. (Giveaway ends September 21, 2018. If you are the randomly chosen winner, I'll contact you.)  Here's Tessa...

Back Cover Copy...
     There's something special about spending time at a coffee shop with a friend — engaging in a meaningful conversation, then leaving refueled and ready to tackle the rest of the day. What if your quiet times with God energizing the same way?
     Coffee Shop Devos offers a warm atmosphere that will inspire you to discover your God-given purpose and live to your greatest potential. Choose your devo flavor in the Menu of Content based on your current need. Then lean into deeper intimacy with Christ through reflection and prayer. Along the way, you'll pick up tips and recipes for making your own coffee-shop beverage — regular or decaf — to enjoy what you read. Don't forget to share your journey with your friends! #CoffeeShopDevos
     Each of the 180 challenging a motivational devotions leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated — almost as though you've shared a steaming pot of group at a coffee shop with your Creator.
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Q&A with Tessa...
Q:  What message do you hope readers take away from your book?
A:  My intention in writing my books for teens is to help girls feel less alone in what they're facing. The same is true with Coffee Shop Devos. As girls read the devotions, I hope they will be compelled to spend time with Christ and develop a relationship with Him. I hope you see that Christ is the answer to our every longing. He's the comforter in our pain, the joy in our sorrow, and the peace in our storms. We live life with Him by our side, then that relationship will provide us with the joy, peace, and love that is far greater than anything this world could offer us. So, to summarize: I hope Coffee Shop Devos will cause teens to develop a thirst for Christ — a habit of spending time with Him that becomes far more addicting than their daily caffeine intake.
Q:  What advice you have for new authors?
A:  It's always hard to nail down only one piece of advice! I like to tell writers two things: one, don't give up. As cliché as it sounds, it's often exactly what us writers need to hear — especially when the publishing journey seems endless. It's only those who persist that actually reach the finish line. And two, do your research! There are so many writers out there who dream of writing, and yet they never take the necessary steps to achieve this dream. I believe this could be avoided if writers would simply do their research before seeking publication. If you're an aspiring author and you want to impress an agent, you might want to first understand how you should craft a query letter and format the manuscript. If you want to be a children's book author, first double check that your word count is within the standard word count range. Remember that writing is an art, but publishing is a business. There are general guidelines set by agents and editors that writers must follow if they hope to sell their book. And please don't assume that you're the exception! It's that attitude that often keeps writers from seeing their dream unfold. But regardless of the "hoops" you might have to jump through (such as building a platform)—rest assured. It is possible to succeed in today's industry. So going back to that first piece of advice: Don't give up!
Q:  What writers have inspired you?
A:   Karen Kingsbury has definitely served as an "author role model" throughout my writing life. She's proven to me that it is possible to have a book ministry through writing life-changing fiction. I also love how she interacts with her fans, treating them as if they're her friends. It's inspiring to see that she's built such a big readership by writing character-driven books that are emotionally charged and inspirational. Those are the kind of stories I'd like to write, as well — specifically for teens.
Q:  What's your favorite writing -related book?
A:  I love reading books on writing craft! It's difficult to decide on just one book. However, I think the one that influenced my writing the most was A Novel Idea: Best Advice on Writing Inspiration Fiction. read this book when I was beginning my writing journey as a team. It served almost as a road map for me, and I would refer to it frequently as I wrote my book and entered publication. The book is a compilation book that contains amazing advice from popular Christian fiction authors, such as Jerry B. Jenkins and Karen Kingsbury. It covers every aspect of the writing journey—from the craft of writing to the business and marketing side of it. Perfect for beginning writers especially!
Q:  What's one thing about you that would surprise your readers?
A:  On an average day, I typically only drink one cup of coffee! A lot of people are often surprised to hear this because of how much I love coffee. However, I like to be careful about my caffeine intake — especially since I know how prone I am to go overboard. There are days, though, when I need more than just one cup. I try to use decaf when possible. Especially when it's after 5 p.m.!
Q:  Do you have any writing rituals you must have or do when writing?
A:  If it's in the morning or afternoon, I need to have a cup of coffee. It's in the evening or night, herbal tea or sparkling water will do. Music is a necessity, as well. Sometimes I'll play the soundtrack I've created for the specific book, and other times I'll listen to worship music. I try to find worship music that's instrumental — that way I'm not distracted by the lyrics. And it helps to write in private. Although I love going to coffee shops occasionally for a change of scenery, it's more difficult for me to enter the flow of writing when I'm around other people. That could just be because I might have ADD tendencies, though :)
Thanks so much for stopping by, Tessa. I'm sure my readers will enjoy getting to you a bit better!
About Tessa...

Tessa Emily Hall is an award-winning author who writes inspirational yet authentic books to show teens they're not alone. Her first teen devotional, Coffee Shop Devos, will release with Bethany House in September 2018. Tessa's passion for shedding light on clean entertainment and media for teens letter to a career as an Associate Agent for Cyle Young at Hartline Literary Agency, YA Acquisitions Editor for Illuminate YA (LPC Imprint), and Founder/Editor of PURSUE Magazine. She's guilty of making way too many lattes and never finishing her to-read list. When her fingers aren't flying 116 WPM across the keyboard, she can be found speaking to teens, decorating art journals, and acting in Christian films. Her favorite way to procrastinate is by connecting with readers on her blog, mailing list, social media, and website.

Where to find Tessa online...

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