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Takeover Thursday with Gail Kittleson ... and a GIVEAWAY!

I want to extend a warm welcome to Gail Kittleson. Gail is giving away an electronic copy of her book, With Each New Dawn. You can enter by using the Rafflecopter link at the end of the post. (Giveaway ends March 16, 2017. If you are the randomly chosen winner, I'll contact you and pass on your information.) Now, here's Gail...

With Each New Dawn, the second in my "Women of the Heartland" series, begged to be written. I couldn't leave my readers hanging, wondering how things went for Addie, aboard a Red Cross ship bound for London.

After all, she traveled through the mine-infested Atlantic Ocean in the midst of perilous times. Readers asked me to please write a sequel and put them out of their misery. Besides, I wanted to give more closure to Addie's story, as well as focusing on Katie, her best friend.

Talk about opposites attracting … Annie's quiet and docile, while Kate's a born risk-taker. But, as we all know, best friends don't have to share all the same qualities. What Kate and Addie do share, though, is unfailing loyalty.

Both young women meet others with this same sterling quality — what's more valuable than people we can trust? Addie meets a man of honor in London, and Kate has the same experience making her dangerous World War II contribution.

I think you'll enjoy this historical fiction — and another perk is reviewing what you studied about the war in high school or college.

An excerpt...

A brown stained forefinger  waggled. "I knew your mother." Caressing the English with slow deliberation, his breath wafted onion and a mysterious spice. His full lips twitched under a vagabond mustache, but his eyes held no malice.

"No, Monsieur, that is not possible. I am American."

The fire in his eyes arched higher. "Oui, you come from Iowa." His imperfect pronunciation of the i like an e tightened Kate's throat. How could he possibly know that? A trickster breeze tickled her ankles and she shivered again.


"Without question, you are Madame Dumont's daughter."

That trill of truth skittered her spine. "Monsieur, I'm afraid you mistake me for someone else."

Sharp heels clicked, and the peak of Mrs. Tenney's shiny black umbrella appeared over a slight rise. Her version of Veronica Lake's perfect victory roll upheld a tawny velvet hat, and sunlight emblazoned the Women's Auxiliary pin on her jaunty red plaid wool jacket.

Always the lady, she paused a reasonable distance away but held out a courteous gloved hand with a verbena scent. Although grateful that Mrs. T had allowed her to share her house when her son Charles hired her at his o ce, Kate sometimes resisted her caretaking. But this time, relief flooded her.

"I had begun to worry about you, Katherine. Is anything wrong?" She returned Kate's grasp and, eyes narrowed, faced the stranger. "Good day, sir."

"Bonsoir, Madame."

"This man says he knew my mother. I told him he's mistaken, but nothing shakes him." Mrs. Tenney towered over the Frenchman while questions deluged Kate, along with a weight in the pit of her stomach. Someone who knew her mother, right here on the streets of London — how could this be?

"Do you speak English, Monsieur, and what is your name?"

He shrugged and took a long breath. "A leetle. I am Monsieur Le Blanc."

"You say you know this young woman's mother?"

"Oui, from France."


"She worked as an Allo Fille aat the front." His profuse eyebrows formed a fuzzy caterpillar between his temples. "In ze Great War. Beleef me. Ees true."

Kate's scalp went cold. Her mother did work overseas, though Aunt Alvina never mentioned her being a Bell Telephone Hello Girl. After Kate moved from the East Coast to Halberton when her parents died, Aunt Alvina offered only sparse information. The "Hello Girl" scenario seemed plausible enough. Still, she'd never pictured her mother tending a switchboard at the front in the Great War.

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Gail's bio...

Gail Kittleson taught college expository writing and English as a Second Language. Now she writes memoir and women's fiction and facilitates writing workshops and women's retreats. In northern Iowa, she and her husband enjoy grandchildren and gardening. In winter, the Arizona mountains provide new novel fodder.

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