Sunday, April 7, 2019

"Exceptional You!" by Victoria Osteen

My review...

I’ve read a number of books by Joel and Victoria Osteen, so I was excited to read Victoria’s latest. I’m always encouraged by them, and this one didn’t disappoint.

Exceptional You focuses on how we see ourselves versus how we should see ourselves: through God’s eyes. To Him, we are anything but ordinary. We’re exceptional and a masterpiece, expertly gifted by Him.

The book is written so you feel that you’re chatting with a friend, sharing stories and encouraging one another. The book is organized into seven sections:

·        Know That You Are Chosen
·        Lift Up Your Eyes
·        Keep Your Memory Box Full
·        Travel Light
·        Love Well
·        Live in the Now
·        Power Up

Each chapter ends with bullet points (“Exceptional Thoughts”) highlighting key items from the chapter. Personal stories, Biblical examples, and Scripture verses are woven throughout. Overall, it provides the reader with a lot of food for thought. I have numerous notes that I’ll return to when I need a dose of encouragement, as there are so many solid nuggets of truths in this book, many of which remind the reader that words have power.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

·        “Where you’re going is much more important than where you’ve been.”
·        “You cannot undo your past, but you can do something about your present.”
·        “Don’t let your own voice of doubt drown out the voice of God.”
·        “Take your worry list and make it your prayer list.”
·        “You have something to offer that no one else can give.”
·        “The happiest people are those who appreciate the blessings in their lives and don’t underestimate their value.”
·         “Life is fragile. Find reasons to be grateful. They are always there is you look for them.”

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, but I wasn’t required to leave a positive review.

About Victoria...

Victoria Osteen is the co-pastor of Lakewood Church, the New York Times bestselling author of Love Your Life, and the host of a national weekly radio program, Victoria Osteen Live, on Sirius XM's Joel Osteen Radio. She is an integral part of each service at Lakewood as well as the "Night of Hope" events across the U.S. and abroad. She lives with her family in Houston, Texas.

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