Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Tip: Change is Inevitable

Today's tip is a bit different than some of my other posts. This one incorporates a wonderful book that could give you a new perspective on something few people enjoy: change! Like it or not, it is something we must deal with on a regular basis, often daily. Strong's book encourages the reader to embrace change instead of run from it.

My Review...

Change. Does anyone really enjoy it? Unfortunately, it is inevitable. Change is a source of great stress for many people. Strong wants to help the reader look at change in a new way: as a blessing from God and not a curse. This can be done by focusing on God’s purpose instead of worrying about the situation. By doing this, it is actually possible for someone to thrive amidst change. Our reactions to change shape our life.

Often, God uses change to get our attention. Strong shares her personal struggles, along with relevant stories (such as Joseph and his brothers and Abram) and Scripture verses, which makes this book a quick, identifiable, and easy read. Her authentic voice feels like you are listening to a friend offer suggestions on how to approach change from a different perspective. This is important, as it is impossible to outrun change. Each chapter ends with a prayer.

Some key takeaways from this book are:
  • “Life’s limitations are God’s invitation to change our expectations.”
  • “If God is sending you to a new place, He’s sending you with a promise.”
  • “If God is close to us amidst change He brings to us, then He is working through it to bring out some positive change in us as well.”
  • “God doesn’t want us to worry about the tomorrows of change because He wants us to see all the ways He’s taking care of us today.”

While change may still be uncomfortable, Strong helps the reader to remember that God is always there. Change is a bit easier when we remember to alter our attitude about change and trust God.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the publisher (Revell Reads blogger program) in exchange for an honest review.

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