Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September Featured Book #2 ... and a GIVEAWAY!

Bonnie has graciously offered to give away a copy of the book to one lucky person (US only). To enter, see the Rafflecopter box at the bottom of this post.  (Contest ends September 30, 2015.) If you are the randomly chosen winner, I'll contact you and then pass your information on to Bonnie. Good luck!

A Word from Bonnie...

Leslie, thank you for including me on your blog. I’m excited to share the story behind the story of my new book, To Dance With Dolphins. It’s been a long journey getting here.

When my van was hit by a log truck in 1991, leaving me with a permanently injured spine and disability, I had no idea what God was going to do with my life. And the story To Dance With Dolphins wasn’t even a glimmer in my eye.

The accident left me unable to return to work, and I didn’t know what I was going to do with the rest of my “miserable” life. As always, the Lord came through. He lifted me up out of my pit of despair and offered me purpose and a new direction. He gave me writing, and I created my first novel The Journey of Eleven Moons in 1993. I’ve been writing ever since.

I love to write and I’m grateful for God’s gift, but living with chronic pain and disability is a rough road, and one I would not have chosen. Having experienced the challenges that come with such a life I’ve longed to create a story that would uplift and give hope to others like me and to encourage those who stand with loved ones who suffer. I also hope the book will help the healthy among us to have a better understanding of what life with a chronic illness, emotional or physical, looks like.

The story of Claire, Sean, Willow, Tom, and Taylor has been simmering in my mind and heart for many years. There always seemed to be a more pressing project that required my attention and the development of the book remained on the proverbial shelf ... until last year. I decided nothing would keep me from creating the story, and I went to work.

When I presented the idea to Ashberry Lane Publishing, they caught the vision right away. They helped me bring my unique cast of characters and their story to the world.

Some readers may fear that a book about chronic illness will be depressing ... and it could be, but To Dance With Dolphins is not. Its lively characters bring to life the reality of what it means to live with chronic illness and the questions that come with it—such as, How can a God of mercy allow suffering?—and what should our response be to His sovereignty? But readers also get to ride along with the travelers as they live out a life-changing adventure of fun and challenges that open up the possibilities of joy and discarded dreams.

No matter what our circumstance in life may be, we all have hopes and dreams. We need to believe they are obtainable or, at the very least, find contentment and perhaps joy in a new direction.

You can find my review on the RT Bookreviews website at the following link:
(4.5 - TOP PICK/4.5 stars)

About Bonnie...

Bonnie Leon is the author of twenty-one novels, including the newly released To Dance With Dolphins.  She and her husband, Greg, live in Southern Oregon.  They have three grown children and eight grandchildren.

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  1. It is said that God doesnt give us anything we cant handle. Sounds like a wonderful book

    1. Heather,

      So true! However, you sometimes have to wonder, huh? This book does a fabulous job of reminding the reader that anything is possible with God.

      Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!

  2. This book looks fascinating! While I don't have chronic pain, I do have arthritis. And dolphins are one of my favorite creatures on earth! This is definitely on my TBR list!
    Susan Parnell

  3. Susan,

    I think arthritis can still count. It's definitely a chronic issue.

    I, too, love dolphins, and this is certainly a wonderful and inspiring story :)

    Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!

  4. I believe that God does give us what we can't handle. If He didn't, we wouldn't need Him. Thank you, Leslie fo r spotlighting Bonnie's book. I have only heard great things about it. - Terrill

  5. Terrill,

    That's a really good point! It is often difficult to admit we need Him.

    You're very welcome. The praise is certainly well deserved. Thanks for visiting my blog, and good luck!

  6. I have not but a cross country trip sounds like it would be enjoyable.
    I have enjoyed the other, Bonnie Leon book I've read and I know i'd enjoy this as well !