Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tuesday Tip: Websites about agents (part three)

Welcome to the final set of websites pertaining to agents. I hope you have found them useful.

  • Manuscript Wish List (http://www.manuscriptwishlist.com/): This is the website for Twitter's popular #Manuscript Wish List (#MSWL). There is an easy-to-search database of agents, each with a detailed bio page with what they're seeking and how to submit.

  • Pub Rants (http://nelsonagency.com/pub-rants/): Kristin Nelson has politely ranted about the ins and outs of the publishing industry for years. Her site explains contracts and negotiations and how to succeed at queries.
  • QUERYTRACKER (https://querytracker.net/): This contains a searchable database of literary agents and publishers' response times and preferences. You can use this site to keep track of when and where you've queried, as well.

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