Sunday, May 21, 2017

"Never Give Up" by John Mason

My review...

This is an inspiring and motivational book full of bits of information designed to encourage the reader to never give up on their dreams. The chapters are short, so they are easy to digest, as well as fit into a busy daily schedule. Some of the tips are common sense, but the stories illustrate the points well and may give the reader new insight. It is a quick read, but I chose to read just a few nuggets each day and really focus on the message of each one.

The book is broken into three parts: “Looking Inward,” “Looking Outward,” and “Looking Upward.” Scripture is woven throughout the book, and the author frequently reminds the reader that God isn’t finished with them yet, so don’t quit. Quitting prevents us from reaching God’s goals.

Some of my favorite takeaway quotes are:
·         “Worry is a route that leads from somewhere to nowhere. Never let it direct your life.”
·         “The most influential person you will talk to all day is you. So, you should be very careful what you say.”
·         “Faith is like a toothbrush: everyone should have it and use it every day, but we shouldn’t use someone else’s.
·         “A mistake is temporary — quitting is forever.”
·         “Take a chance. It might give you a brand-new life.”
·         “A goal changes everything.”
·         “The struggle today builds strength for tomorrow.”

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy as part of the Revell Reads Blogger Program. I was not required to leave a positive review.

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