Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Detours" by Tony Evans

My review...

Life is full of detours. They can’t be avoided. Evans has experience with them, and, in this book, he reminds the reader that detours are always linked to God’s plans and blessings. Throughout the book, Evans uses examples from the life of Joseph to demonstrate this point.

This book is insightful, and it provides reminders that detours occur to strengthen us. Evans states that detours are ways to shape people to help them fulfill their destiny, which he defines as, “the customized life calling for which God has equipped and ordained us, in order to bring Him the greatest glory and the maximum expansion of His Kingdom.” Evans includes ways to help the reader determine if the detour is God-ordained or the result of poor choices.

I know I don’t enjoy the detours in life, but knowing that God is still in control makes them more bearable. It helps to know that even when things feel bad, God is still using them for His good.

Some of my favorite lines:
·         “When you hang on to the weight of yesterday, it will hinder the progress to tomorrow.”
·         “The greater the calling, the deeper the pit.”
·         “Success is not what you have; success is who you have.”

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy as part of the B&H/Lifeway blogger program. I wasn’t required to provide a positive review.

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