Friday, December 23, 2016

"Sleigh Bells Ring" by Sandra D. Bricker, Barbara J. Scott, Lynette Sowell, and Lenora Worth

This novella collection consists of four related contemporary romance novellas. It is a fun, quick read, and it is perfect for the holiday season. While parts of it are predictable, it is enjoyable nonetheless. Each story focuses on one of the Tucker sisters. The stories blend seamlessly, and themes of forgiveness, family, healing, and love are key to the book.

All I Want for Christmas by Sandra D. Bricker

JoJo Tucker is surprised to learn that her father, who recently passed away, left her and her sisters a horse farm in Kentucky. She learned this by receiving a final letter from him. None of the girls had been on speaking terms with their father in some time. JoJo returns home and encounters her first crush, Jed Weatherly. Jed’s been working at the farm since her father died to keep things afloat. She figures it is in everyone’s best interest to sell the farm, and she makes plans to get all of her sisters together for Christmas. However, will they be receptive to her plans? Will Jed be able to help JoJo’s Christmas wish come true?

Her Old Kentucky Home by Lynette Sowell

Bella Tucker decides to spend Christmas at her old Kentucky farm with her sisters, at JoJo's request. Bella's job is shaky, so she figures the timing is perfect. Her boyfriend David will go along to visit his own family. He would love to move back to Kentucky, but he is not sure how Bella feels. JoJo and Bella discover some unopened letters their father had sent to their mother while he was in the military. Will these letters bring clarity to the sisters? Will David’s career plans be the end of their relationship?

I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Barbara J. Scott

The first person Sophie Tucker encounters when she returns home to visit with her sisters is her high school crush Matthew Weatherly. He rescues the vet from a car accident. Matthew knows that their father wanted to make amends with the girls, and he hopes to convince them that there was a different side to their father than they knew. Matt would love for her to stay in Kentucky, but will Sophie’s past make it too painful? Can she admit her feelings and take a chance on an unknown future?

Please Come Home for Christmas by Lenora Worth

Amy Tucker Brosseau is a single mother working at a café in New Orleans. While she had been angry with her father, she does agree to return to Kentucky, despite numerous bad memories. She just wants to let go of the farm and her past. She meets Dan Wentworth, who is interested in purchasing the farm. Amy plans to convince her sisters to sell it to him, but will something change her mind?


  1. The holiday season is so busy, sometimes I barely have time to read. A novella collection like this would be perfect for me.

    1. Exactly! That's what great about novellas. You get a wonderful story which fits well into a busy schedule.