Friday, December 16, 2016

"A Baxter Family Christmas" by Karen Kingsbury

If you're looking for a new book to try this holiday season, I'd recommend the latest from Karen Kingsbury.

My review...

John Baxter is trying something new this Christmas, and he wants to do it in memory of his daughter Erin, who died in a car accident two years ago. He has invited Kendra Bryant and her husband to spend Christmas with his family. Kendra is the recipient of Erin’s heart. John’s children are less than thrilled with the idea, particularly his daughter Ashley. Ashley and her husband have been raising Amy, the only survivor of the accident which killed Erin and her husband. Kendra agrees to go, but her husband thinks it is a bad idea. How will Amy respond to meeting Kendra? Is it possible for all of them to have a miracle this Christmas?

This is the latest book containing Kingsbury’s very popular Baxter family. Themes of love, redemption, and hope are key, making this the perfect book for the holiday season. It is easy to see why Kingsbury is a fan favorite. This book could be read as a standalone, which is what I did. However, by reading the Baxter titles in order, the reader would have a greater appreciation for the family dynamics. Kingsbury does a wonderful job of giving enough details so that a reader new to the family could still follow along and enjoy the book. The reader is made to feel a part of the Baxter family. Some yummy recipes are included, as well.

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