Thursday, January 1, 2015

This is the time that many people choose to make a fresh start, whether it is with your health, relationships, jobs, etc. There is something exciting about the chance to begin again with a clean slate, which is what a new year seems to bring. It is a time to recommit and get encouraged once again.

A handful of select events can often taint one’s perception of the past year. Last year on New Year’s Eve, I read through the items in my Gratitude Jar. It helped me to realize that 2013 wasn’t as bad as I had remembered. This year, I chose to use a Gratitude Journal instead of the jar. Each day I tried to write down at least three positive things from that day. Over the past week I have been reading through the journal. Once again, it has given me a different perspective on the year. While a number of unanticipated events occurred, many of them were positive. Perhaps the biggest one was a giant leap of faith that I took at the beginning of December. I have yet to see exactly where it will lead, but I know that it was the right move to make. Change is always scary, which is why I (and many others) avoid it at all costs. However, change is a necessary part of life. Without it, there would never be any growth. I’m looking forward to the exciting opportunities that I know are awaiting me in 2015. Sure, I know that everything will not be rosy, but my attitude can still be positive. While it is sometimes difficult to remember, I have learned that everything truly happens for a reason (even though it may not be apparent at the moment).

I hope everyone reading this has a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2015. Will you be making any resolutions or goals? I know I will, as usual, and I’m sure I’ll even manage to keep a few of them! Stay tuned to my blog for reviews of fabulous books, editing and writing tips and motivation, and an occasional message from the heart.


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