Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The State of my TBR Pile

I have a confession, actually two, to make: I LOVE BOOKS! And I’m a book hoarder. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the state of my TBR pile is such that is almost has its own zip code! Of course, that’s a slight exaggeration, though my husband would tell you it’s not too far off, especially as he watches my books take over bookshelves, the chair and stool in my office, the corner of my desk, the couch, and even the stairs. (Thankfully, he can’t see how many are on my Kindle 😊) Actually, he’s a great sport and encourages my reading by taking me to various book signings and conferences, and he carries around all my books and swag. But, I digress…

What can I say? I’m an editor and reviewer, so I have a book in my hands (be it a physical copy or e-book) most of the time. I’m truly blessed to have a career that is a perfect match for me (and fuels my passion … and obsession).

I just love reading, and that’s reflected in the variety of books found in my TBR pile. While I read a lot of Christian fiction, my TBR pile also includes nonfiction and mainstream reads. A number of genres are represented, as well. I participate in a variety of launch teams, street teams, and blog tours, and those books are a large part of my TBR pile. I also review for magazines and publishers. I tend to organize my pile(s) by the deadline, such as the release date.

So, what books am I looking forward to reading, you ask? Let’s take a look at my condensed TBR pile (in no particular order):

·       Flight of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse: This is the second book in the series. I agreed to review the first book for the publisher, even though it was quite different from the books I normally read. Boy, am I glad I stepped out of my comfort zone! I loved it, and I rushed to find out when the sequel would be out. I also picked up other books by Busse, Tainted and Awakened, which are also fabulous! I was blessed to meet the author at a book signing, too!

·      The Tinderbox by Beverly Lewis: I’ve been reading Lewis’s books for as long as I can remember. She piqued my interest in Amish fiction, and it’s become one of my favorite genres to read. I’ve met Beverly twice, and she’s as charming as the characters she writes 😊 (She even agreed to speak to my mom on the phone as a Mother’s Day gift, which totally made my mom’s day … and made it tricky for me to top the next year!)

·       Chosen People by Robert Whitlow: So many things in the blurb grabbed me. I’ve read a couple of Whitlow’s books in the past, so I’m looking forward to reading his latest.

·       The Pages of Her Life by James Rubart: Rubart is one of my favorite authors. His stories never fail to draw me in and make me think about things I hadn’t considered before.

·       A Daughter’s Truth by Laura Bradford: I already mentioned that I’m a fan of Amish fiction. I’ve never read a full-length novel by Bradford, though I have read a novella.

Burnout by Emily Nagoski (nonfiction): This is another book that pulled me in by the title and description. I think I’ll find the information quite useful.

·       Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep: This one is different than many books I tend to read. However, I’ve realized over the past few years that it’s okay to step outside my comfort zone, and, in doing so, I’ve found a number of great books. From what I’ve heard about this book, I’m hoping that’s the case here.

·       The Tubman Command by Elizabeth Cobbs: I remember learning a bit about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, but I’ve never encountered a book quite like this one, which showcases the bravery and brilliance of an American icon.

·       Half Finished by Lauraine Snelling: I’ve read a few of Snelling’s books, but they’ve been historical novels, so I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with a contemporary tale that follows an ensemble of women/friends.

·       On Magnolia Lane by Denise Hunter: The is the third book in the charming “Blue Ridge” series. Need I say more? (And that cover looks so wonderful now, especially as I’m looking at snow out my window.)

·       The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke: I’ve read some of her books in the past, and they’re some of my favorite WWII-era books, so I’m excited about this one, which is inspired by true events from Poland.

What books are in your TBR pile? Hopefully, I’ve given you some suggestions to add to your list.


  1. I have The Tubman Command on my shelf, too. Some of the books on my shelf right now: Far Side of the Sea by Kate Breslin, The Lost Man by Jane Harper, and Becoming Mrs. Lewis. My husband teases me about the stashes of books in our house.

    1. Ooh, you have some good books on your shelf! I just finished "Far Side of the Sea." I think you'll enjoy it.

      Perhaps all husbands of bookworms are alike :)

  2. i have so many on list to read, i just do what is due for a book tour first and then fit the others in. i love your list of books.

    1. Thanks! Janice, I agree. I have my pile organized by blog tours, published date, etc. Those books take priority over the other ones.