Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tuesday Tip: Websites about agents (part two)

Welcome to part two of websites pertaining to agents. As there are a number of useful sites, there will be one more post on this topic in two weeks.

  • Rachelle Gardner (http://www.rachellegardner.com/): Rachelle is an agent, editor, and publishing coach. She has a well-organized archive of posts covering a wide variety of topics (from blogging to publishing).

  • Bent on Books (http://jennybent.blogspot.com/): Jenny Bent shares resources on marketing and working with an agent. She has an Agents' Wishlist tab for a monthly update on what her colleagues are currently looking for.
  • Janet Reid, Literary Agent (http://jetreidliterary.blogspot.com/): Janet is a longtime literary agent. She offers advice on pitching, querying, and revising. She has a checklist and FAQ section which are useful for anyone pitching a book.

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