Friday, June 24, 2016

"The Sender: A Story About When Right Words Make All The Difference" by Kevin Elko and Bill Beausay

There is no self-pity with cancer…
     Charlie winced, rolled over and looked out the window. It was gray and gloomy.
     Or is it "There is no self-pity in football"? he wondered, trying to get his mind off the pain. He'd read that somewhere and couldn't remember. He squinted into the fog outside his window, trying to recall. His head was just as hazy as it was outside —  the drugs did that to him. His arm ached from the needles. The docs had suggested installing a port-a-cath, but he'd resisted. It sounded terminal to him. It was time for it, though. His throat was raw. The hospital bedsheets caught, then tugged and twisted his bad leg. His body twitched back hard.
     "God, that hurt!" He cursed, gritting and wincing again. 
     Everything hurt during chemo: bone pain, nausea, and a constant headache. This was way worse than he had feared. His spirit grew dark. The only thing he felt like doing was crying. But that was not allowed. Then, the unthinkable words drifted through his brain fog — "God, please let me die." Ache upon ache.

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Kevin Elko consults with and speaks regularly to Fortune 500 companies and NFL and BCS sports teams. His powerful combination of inspiration and insight have proven vital to the success of his top clients including ING, The Hartford, and the New York Giants, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Alabama Crimson Tide. He is the author of four books, ,Nerves of Steel, The Pep Talk, True Greatness, and Touchdown. Kevin lives in Presto, Pennsylvania. 

Bill Beausay is an accomplished author and speaker on personal growth and professional success. He is the author of over ten books, including three national bestsellers. Dr. Beausay served as the Director of Research and Development at the Academy of Sports Psychology before becoming a full-time speaker and writer. He lives in Denver, Colorado.


  1. Sounds heartwrenching and raw.

    1. It is, but it's a fabulous book. Definitely one of my top books for 2016!